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I live in Chicago with my wife and our two boys.

“A life of making isn’t a series of shows, or projects, or productions, or things: it is an everyday practice. It is a practice of questions more than answers, of waiting to find what you need more often than knowing what you need to do. Waiting, like listening and meandering, is best when it is an active and not a passive state.”
Ann Hamilton

I think about this interview with Sister Wendy Beckett about once a month.

Bill Moyers: Were you not offended when you looked at Andre Serrano's “Piss Christ”? Did you find that denigrating of the central figure of your faith?

Sister Wendy: Well actually no because I thought he was saying in a rather simplistic magazine-y type of way that this is what we are doing to Christ. We're not treating him with reverence. His great sacrifice is not used. We live very vulgar lives. We put Christ in a bottle of urine in practice. It was a very admonitory work, not a great work – one would not want to go on looking at it once one had to one’s distress seen it once. But I think to call it blasphemous is really rather begging the question. It could be, it could not be; it's what you make of it. And I could make of it something that made me feel a deep desire to reverence the death of Christ more by this suggestion: this is what in practice the world is doing.